Erina von Gordon

Erina has been sewing and creating all her life. Her love for sewing was inspired by her mother since the age of six. She has been a passionate quilter since 2005.

Erina loves sharing her ideas and knowledge with her students. She has endless patience, and excellent organisation skills. Erina is extremely thorough and precise when executing quilting.

Erina loves machine work and piecing is her strength. She has attended a wide range of classes, learning to master numerous quilting techniques. She has a love of colour and has lately explored Modern Quilts, inspired by a class presented by well-known quilter, Jacquie Gering.

Erina is a well-loved, experienced primary school teacher and has a passion for teaching younger children. She has 14 years of teaching experience ranging from 5 to 18 years.

One of Erina’s dreams is to empower all quilters with the skills of quilting and eventually the joy and passion for quilt making. Erina believes that a teacher should stay a student forever: always learning, and exploring new ideas. These ideas should then be taught to her students.

Erina believes that every student is able to master anything they settle their minds on and her creative, relaxed classes will encourage the students to achieve exactly that.

Erina von Gordon


Date : Tuesday, 5July 2022
Duration : One day – 2 x 3 hours
In this class you will be taught a quick method on how to make the blocks needed to complete the Delectable Mountain quilt