Using Metal Purse Clasps

Date : Tuesday 3 October 2023
Duration / Sessions : One day 2 x 3 hours
Workshop Type : Machine work
Skill Level : All skill levels
Code : CV1
Cost : R350 includes small kit.
kit : A small kit and your custom designed purse or bag pattern are included with the class fee.
Teacher : Chiquita Vosloo

Project Sample

In this fun class students will learn the secrets of easily installing Metal bag clasps.

As each different clasp shape requires a custom drafted pattern, please contact Chiquita well in advance so that she can draft the pattern for your individual clasp.

You will learn to draft patterns for any clasp shape but for this class you will need to already have a clasp and a pattern before class begins.

Metal purse clasps can be used for handbags, evening clutches, smaller purses, spectacle cases, scissor storage and little change purses.