Kantha Stitches

Date : Friday 6 October 2023
Duration / Sessions : One day 2 x 3 hours
Workshop Type : Hand Stitching
Skill Level : All skill levels
Code : MS1
Cost : R350
Teacher : Mariss Stevens

Project Sample

Kantha-style stitching: an introduction

Learn how to make amazing patterns with simple running stitch.


Bengali women have been stitching kanthas for centuries. Using the basic running stitch to hold together layers of cloth from old saris they create either bed covers or intricately patterned story cloths.

In this workshop you will learn the three basic patterns used in kantha cloths. These are bricking, blocking, and stepping. The patterns are all created through careful placement of the running stitch. Using these stitch formations one can make intricate designs, from dense borders to pictures of flowers, animals, and anything else.

The workshop will focus on mastering the basic stitches. It is a slow and meditative process, so come prepared to spend a quiet day of hand stitching. You will find that kantha-style stitching is effortless and simple, but also versatile and creative.

I will provide a pattern book.