Delectable Mountains/Tessellating Star/Buzz Saw

Date : Tuesday, 5July 2022
Duration / Sessions : One day – 2 x 3 hours
Workshop Type : Machine work – piecing and strip work
Skill Level : Beginners
Cost : R280 p.p.
Teacher : Erina von Gordon

Project Sample

In this class you will be taught a quick method on how to make the blocks needed to complete the Delectable Mountain quilt.

Attention will be given to accurately piecing and cutting of strips needed to make the quilt.

Good choice of fabrics will be discussed. The construction of the blocks will also be taught in this class as well as different ways of putting the blocks together to create interesting patterns.

The quilt can be any size. It can be made of scraps, 2 x fabrics or 2x colours. (A printed fabric and a background fabric.)

It can be Muscular or Feminine, or it could be made for Christmas or any other occasion.