Feather Fit

Date : Thursday, 7 July 2022
Duration / Sessions : 1 full day – 2 x 3hr sessions
Workshop Type : This class will be a drawing and extensive note taking workshop. We are going work things out on paper first before students can stitch and practice at home.
Skill Level : Competent beginner to advanced students
Cost : R630 pp (includes extensive notes, workbook and exercise book)
Teacher : Claire Wallace

Project Sample

Once you understand the basic shape of a feather, Claire will share her tips and tricks to manipulate a feather to fit anywhere: triangles, squares, wreaths, borders and corners.

Class will start with the basic feather where she’ll teach students how to draw, practise and quilt it. From there she will teach how to fit a basic feather into various shapes and spaces on a quilt. Telene will also show students in detail how to create the popular and classic wreath as well as the very impressive curling Amish feather.

Ideal for working on any type of machine; domestic, sit-down longarm & standing longarm.

Examples of different feather heads will be included in the notes.

Class notes with workbook included.